Multi-parameters sensor

SUBWIN® system

Subwin® sensors are a new generation of sensors, oriented to the functional behavior of fishing panels on the bottom, they offer new types of information such as the friction coefficient and the working angle of the panels.

This new information allows from one point of view:

  • Economical: improve energy savings and reduce panel wear.
  • Environmental: to reduce the impact of panels on the bottom.

Due to their reduced weight and footprint, Subwin® panel sensors can be installed on any type of panel without changing their operating characteristics.


The basic features of panel sensors :

  • Friction coefficient.
  • Work angle.
  • Spreads.
  • Pitch-Roll.
  • depth.
  • temperature.
  • Battery level.

Subwin® software :

Subwin® software offers two levels of application. Real-time data display and expertise mode.

The display mode allows you to view the data of the different sensors on board the ship in real time.

SubWin Eco Analytic Sans données avec espace

Fishing analytical ecometer function :

The interfacing software on the flow meters of the edge allows an analysis of the consumption of the fuel :

  • On the way: Instant consumption L/H and ‘/H’
  • In fishing: Instant consumption of the surface swept by the fishing train L/m2 and ‘/m2.

Total consumption of fishing line.

Technical features :

  • Operating temperature: -5 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Maximum depth of use: 1000m.
  • Autonomy/following cycle.
  • Size: diameter 85mm length 260mm.
  • Weight 2.5Kg in the air.
  • Bi-Ecartometer 10 programmable frequencies.
  • temperature.
  • Pitch and Roll.
  • Pressure immersion.

Basic package :

  • 2 panel sensors.
  • Two-way charger.
  • software package.
  • Hull hydrophone.
  • 2 x pairs of sheaths.