Connectors 6000 meters.



Designed to handle quickly by ROV or diver in a disturbed environment, FastConn connectors allow for reliable connection and disconnection up to depths of 6000 metres.

The main objective of these connectors is to offer ease of use as well as easy maintenance. Its architecture is based on an equipressure assembly. The interchangeable membrane is struck during the connection.


Internal and metal parts are not in motion. The highly accomplished ergonomics of the connectors comes from fruitful exchanges with different teams of ROV operators. It also ensures a simple, fast, reliable connection and an anti-ripping lock.

Our FastConn connectors are deployed in all oceans, in great depth. They give full satisfaction to the observatories that use them. The main observatories equipped are: NEPTUNE Canada in the Pacific Ocean, MoMAR in the Atlantic Ocean and Antares in the Mediterranean Sea.


  • Connection in equipresssion.
  • Low insertion force.
  • Secure lock – Anti tearing.
  • Connection / Disconnect up to 6000m.
  • Ergonomics suitable for handling by ROV or Diver, in a very busy environment.


  • Operating temperature: -5 to 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Maximum depth of use: 6000 metres
  • Suitable for aggressive environments.
  • Insensitive connection to sand and mud.


  • Mono contact: 600V – 15A
  • All contacts used: 600V – 6A
  • Isolation: $200M
  • Contact resistance: 0.01
  • Insertion: 500 (Membrane change with each connection)   
  • Number of contacts: 8 or 12 contacts


  • Base
  • Connector
  • Shutter
  • Female cabled connector according to specification
  • Maintenance pack (3 membranes, oil, fat)