Based in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast, OcTech is part of this dynamic and develops research and design activities focused on new technologies applied to underwater domains and consulting activities in projects. Renewable Marine Energy. To do this, OcTech has 25 years of experience in the technical and assembly of European projects around the sea as well as a network of important scientific partners such as Ifremer and a European network of partners.

3 business areas:

Research and development

Underwater technologies (marine acoustics, on-board electronics, connectivity, etc.) applied to scientific, industrial, offshore or fishing exploration activities.

Fishing area

The marketing of multi-parameter acoustic probes for the offshore and fishing sectors.

Scientific field

Support throughall stages: analysis, design, partner identification, financial editing and follow-up.

Our partners

Institutional and scientific partners, including Ifremer, for its knowledge in the design of deep-sea systems, or the CPPM (Centre for Particle Physics in Marseille) as a user of measurement systems deep.

A network of technology distribution and maintenance service companies, developed by Octech across the European coast from Denmark to Greece.

A network of European subcontractors in advanced technologies..

Lopgo 2

Octech was founded in 2010 by Alain Pochat, founder and ceo of companies in the maritime sector for 25 years. The creation of Octech aims to concentrate the know-how acquired during these years in the underwater field in: on-board electronics, underwater acoustics, underwater mechanics, as well as plastics to enable advice and development of innovative and innovative products.